Ron first picked up a camera and learned to shoot and develop black and white photographs while still in middle school. 

During his high school years, Ron studied acting at ACT in San Francisco. He went on to earn a BFA with Honors at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Ron worked professionally in regional theater, off-Broadway and in television and film. By the early 90’s, Ron had moved from New York to Los Angeles. He always seemed to have a camera in hand and it wasn’t long before his passion for photography and film turned into a career. As a self-taught computer whiz, Ron worked as a computer trainer for ten years with Saatchi & Saatchi LA and Team One Advertising, including writing, directing and filming a series of award winning computer training films, which were popular and extensively used by staff. He then began work as a technical manager for City Explorer TV. Over a nine-year career with CETV, Ron worked his way up from grip to Director of Photography/Videographer for many clients around the country.

Ron was among a group of like-minded filmmakers who founded Humanus Documentary Films Foundation in 2008. Humanus is a non-profit documentary film company based in southern California that is dedicated to creating documentaries about historically significant people and events. The company’s first feature length documentary is The Millionaires’ Unit – U.S. Naval Aviators in the First World War official website. The company’s second feature length documentary is The Lafayette Escadrille, now in production.

Ron is currently working on a new short comedy, Rose is a Rose is a Rose official website that he is directing and co-writing with Daniel Hagen.

Ron shares his love of photography and film here and will continue to add new galleries and reels as the work continues. Ron and his wife live and work in their now empty nest in Culver City, California.

photo of Ron

Ron King at the Vintage Aviator, Ltd. in Masterton, New Zealand, April 2013.


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