Title: Fallout
Running Time: 01:30:00

Synopsis: Fallout is a feature length drama incorporating lost footage from a 1984 film, Fallout, continues the story of its main character, Alex, a reclusive mountain man living off the grid in a remote section of the Adirondacks for the last three and a half decades. After he witnesses a nuclear explosion, he is forced to retreat from the wilderness as fallout rains down on him.

Leaving his mountain home, he encounters what appears to be a post-apocalyptic world. Believing the world has ended, he returns to New York City fearing the worst.

Upon his return, Alex discovers that in fact the world has not ended, and life in Manhattan is going on as usual.

A journey of discovery, Alex must first absorb the historical, technological and cultural changes of the last three and a half decades – from social media to 9/11 –  as he retraces his footsteps, leading us into the depths of a very personal story – the fallout of the life he left behind.

The original film first plays as flashbacks, but is ultimately revealed to be an actual unfinished movie, left in the care of a friend and actor in the film.  In an interesting play on fiction and reality, the characters of this story play versions of themselves, introducing an alternate reality where truth and fiction blend in surreal harmony.

Official Website:http://jessicajanos.com/portfolio/fallout/

Co-Writer/Director: Jessica Janos
Co-Writer/Lead Actor: Ron King
Producers: Ron King & Jessica Janos
Portraying himself: Paul D’Amato
Portraying herself: Karsen Liotta
Portraying himself: Melcourt Poux
Costume Designer: Swinda Reichelt
Scientific Advisor: Professor John Ellison