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Humanus Documentary Films Foundation was founded in 2008 as a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit dedicated to the enrichment of historical knowledge through the medium of documentary film. RMK Films CEO Ron King was one of the founders and served as president from 2008 to 2017. Ron currently serves on the board. Humanus released its first feature length documentary, The Millionaires’ Unit – The First U.S. Naval Aviators in World War I in 2015. The company is releasing its second feature length documentary, The Lafayette Escadrille in 2020.

Please visit the Humanus Documentary Films Foundation website to learn more.

The Millionaires’ Unit is the story of a privileged group of college students from Yale who formed a private air militia in preparation for America’s entry into World War One.  Known as the First Yale Unit, and dubbed ‘the millionaires’ unit’ by the New York press, they became the founding squadron of the U.S. Naval Air Reserve and were the first to fly for the United States in World War I. 

Using the words of these pioneer aviators from their letters and diaries, the documentary tells the story of young men coming of age as America was coming of age as a world power.

Ron King’s credits on this film include Co-director (with Darroch Greer), Producer and Director of Photography.

Please visit the Millionaires’ Unit documentary website to learn more.

A century ago thirty-eight Americans from every walk of life volunteered to fly in the First World War. It was their own idea—to fight in the skies to aid our oldest ally, France, long before the United States entered the war. They were willing to pay the ultimate price. They helped move their reluctant nation to ultimately join the Allies and enter the fight. They were the Lafayette Escadrille.

Ron King’s credits on this film include Executive Producer.

Please visit the Lafayette Escadrille documentary website to learn more.