Title: Rose is a Rose is a Rose
Running Time: 00:34:00

Synopsis: Davy Ludd, an old-fashioned outdoor expert, is being dragged into a world of new technology and social media by his millennial boss Jake when searching for his long lost high school sweetheart Rose.
Davy’s odyssey forces him onto a path of both looking back and letting go. A neophyte on the internet, Davy has unexpected encounters before finally locating Rose, his Rose. As they meet, he is again shocked to learn that times have changed, and so should he.

Official Website: http://roseisaroseisarose.com/

Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose
Executive Producers: Nancy Kingsley & Ron King
Produced by Yufei Skylar Zhang and Arndt Werling
Music composed by Craig Safan
Edited by Tucker Marolf
Visual Effects by Don Butler
Production Design by Caiti Shannon
Cinematography by Justin Knodel
Written by Daniel Hagen & Ron King
Directed by Ron King

CAST (Alphabetical Order)

Young Rose
Mrs. Kruchenko
Davy Ludd
Jake Zimmer
Joan the Librarian
Trish the Bartender
Elder Rose
Emily Ludd
Just Rose

Stunt Coordinator
Alexander Cook
Alana Dietze
Barbara Goodson
Daniel Hagen
Ben Horwitz
Elizabeth Lanier
Toy Lei
Carol Locatell
Alison Martin
Patricia Tallman

Selena O’Sullivan

Cafe, Restaurant and Library Patrons
Gaurang Bhat
Noah Carmicheal
Elizabeth Cook
Dustin Earnest
Chris Jong
Ronald Leifur
Chenlin Qian
Alejandro Rojas
Giannina Toaxen
Carla Wynn

Associate Producers
Abigail Johnson
Jiasu Ye

Assistant Producers
Noah Carmicheal
Alejandro Rojas

Produced in Association with New York Film Academy

First Assistant Director

Art Director
Prop Master
Set Decorator
Production Design Assistant

1st Assistant Camera

2nd Assistant Camera

Still Photographer

Script Supervisor

Best Boy Electric

Key Grip
Best Boy Grip

Grip & Electric

Production Sound Mixer

Lead Costumer
Hair & Make-Up Artist

Production Assistant

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Production Insurances Provided By

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Production Services Provided By

Music Produced By

Post Production Sound Editor / Mixer


Conform Editor

Arndt Werling

Jared Carlson
William Berkowitz Jr.
Bryan Barrios
Emily Bouchoc

Sai Aung Tun
Felicitas Yang
Buddy Kamhangngam

Jason Ye

Zoé Pelloux

Armando Milano
Alexander Tobias

Michael Zeng 
JJ Nelson Flores

Mengzhuo Lian
Joann Wong
Jason Ye

Xiao Hou

Chenlin Qian
Joanna Chen Jong

Jack Yi Zhang

Impeccable Taste Catering
B & G Thai Catering
Toluca Garden Chinese Cuisine

EZPZ Productions, LLC.
Long Take Film Production, Inc.


New York Film Academy, Ltd.

Greg Prestopino

Jeffrey Alan Jones

Peter Swartz

Ricky Hayner

“Pop Songs Suck”
Composed By: Ron King 
Performed By: Twee D. Boyd
Produced by: Greg Prestopino

“Gypsy Night”
Composed and Arranged By: Adrien Prevost 
Performed By: Adrien Prevost
Courtesy of: VOST Production

 “Der Hirt auf dem Felsen” by Schubert
Performed by: Montserrat Alavedra, William McColl, Joseph_Levine

“Shtil di Nacht iz Oysgeshternt”
Performed by: Leon Lishner and Friends

 “Entrance to the Queen of Sheba for Two Oboes, Strings, and Continuo allegro” by Handel
Advent Chamber Orchestra

Recorded by Daniel Simion
Attribution 3.0 soundbible.com

“Forest and Jungle Ambience | Nature”
by Audio Hero
standard license: zapsplat.com

Michelle Albast
Karen Alcorn
Rusty B
Molly Barber
Brad Bellamy
Alan Blumenfeld
Vertrees McNeil Canby
Yellott & Arla Canby
Trevor Chang
Eloise Coopersmith
Brian Derby
Alana Dietze
Brian Duensing
Patrick & Julia Dunster
Paul Eiding
Aina Feng
Sidney Flack
Harlan Flagg
David Fury
Samuel Greenhoe
Darroch Greer
Jon Hayden
David Horwitz
Samuel Horwitz
Sam House
Jessica Janos
Jill Kingsley
Abigail Johnson
Amanda Katherine
Christopher Kimbell
Mary King
Edgar King
Laurie Klatscher
Sarah Kleinberg
Sandy Korth
Randy Kovitz
Skip Lehman
Tomas Mag Loingsigh
Javier Lopez
Shari Matchneer
Elizabeth McGlinchey
Christie Mellor
Harry Miller
Sigute Miller
Glenn Morrissey
Thomas Opladen
Robert Peters
Shannon Phipps
Mel Poux
Donn Reese
Margaret Reynolds
Hedda Royce
Ann Shea
Karl Shefelman
Myra Slotnick
Jennifer Soo
Nick Spark
Muriel Stockdale
Irene Suver
A.M. Swallow
Kim Timmerman
Victor Warren
Marc Wortman
Alexander Wright
Felicitas Yang
Jjiasu Ye
Steve Yudson
Adam Zahler

Eloise Coopersmith
The Echo Theater
Sidney Flack
Emilia Hagen
Brady Hagen
Rob Kraetsch
Elizabeth McGlinchey
John McGlinchey
Glenn Morrissey
Phil Nemy
Robert Ramirez
Oliver Tan
The Night Owl, Fullerton