Building 3D World

Thursday, April 16, 2020

RMK Films is currently building a 3D world for one of the most dramatic scenes in the First Yale Unit story (Millionaires’ Unit – Limited Series in development). 3D models under construction include the naval base at Huntington, Long Island which was the last U.S. base where the Yale Unit trained prior to their deployment overseas to the war front in Europe and other bases in the U.S. It was also the location where the U.S. Navy conducted flight tests for the young aviators intent on securing their navy wings. The 3D environment includes the “hero” aircraft of the unit at this stage of their development; the Curtiss model F flying boat (pictured below). This aircraft was the first type flown by the unit from the beginning of their training in the summer of 1916. Other 3D models being built for the scene include the Davison family yacht Shuttle and the Payne-Whitney yacht Whileaway. Once the models are complete, producer/director Ron King will begin to shoot pre-viz scenes as part of series development.

Scale 3D model of The Mary Ann (Curtiss Model F flying boat) built from period technical drawings and archival photographs.