MU location scout in UK

In late August, 2019 RMK Films CEO Ron King travelled to England to do research and scout potential locations for the Millionaires’ Unit Limited Series. He visited several locations in London where the real events of 1917 took place. He also visited the military town of Aldershot where the British conducted trench warfare and flight training during World War I. He then visited two active aerodromes, one at Shuttleworth and the other at Stow Maries in Essex which operate flights of both authentic and replica WWI aircraft. The latter two locations are potential air fields where critical sequences could be filmed using full sized WWI aircraft.

Grand staircase at Claridge’s in London. Members of the First Yale Unit (Millionaire’s Unit) resided here while conducting business prior to their deployment in 1917.
Lobby of the Savoy Hotel in London where unit members gathered while on leave in December of 1917 to while away their worries during their service at various aerodromes behind the front.
British soldiers prepare for trench warfare at Hampstead Heath during World War I.
Post Office at Aldershot, England where Yale Unit founder Trubee Davison and his father HP Davison visited in 1916 while reviewing Lord Kitchner’s troop preparations for trench warfare.
Part of the collection of flying World War One aircraft at Shuttleworth, England.
Artist’s rendition of the Stow Maries Aerodrome in Essex, England. The buildings in the foreground and the tower still exist but the hangers are gone. Stow Maries is the only surviving WWI aerodrome in England.