Patrick Dunster, Brian Foley & Holly Hunter in Perception, a short film made by Ron King in 1979.

While still a student at Carnegie-Mellon University in the late 1970’s, Ron King shot a Super-8 short film which he called Perception. Having stumbled across the original footage and audio tapes in 2019, Ron digitized the often scratched up print and engaged in visual tests that may give new life to the film. In addition to the actors pictured above, the film featured an early line up of the band The Rave-Ups, lead by Jimmer Podrasky, who were eventually featured in the John Hughes film Pretty In Pink. Jimmer has been producing solo records for the past few years and it is rumored that The Rave-Ups may reunite to produce a new album soon. We here at RMK Films certainly hope so!