Viztor is the story of Leon Archer, a U.S. Afghan War veteran, set in 2044. Leon receives an unexpected visit on the isolated Illinois farm where he cares for his granddaughter Abigail. Once a super-natural presence is revealed, Leon seeks help for his late onset PTSD symptoms from a medical professional who has discovered a new botanical which may address his struggle. A family drama with supernatural underpinnings, Viztor takes the audience on a journey from a not too distant past to a not too distant future and brings to light the human cost of a choice to engage in war.

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Casting Breakdown (2022-02-22)

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ACE, man or woman, 45-60, Native American

Mid 40s to late 50s. Ace is a progressive and intelligent Midwest farmer who also works as a laborer at a small-town rail yard. Ace is proud of Ace’s heritage; the family having lived in region long before settlers arrived. Ace often ribs Leon (the lead character) with humor when he sees him at the rail yard as Ace is usually a step or two ahead of Leon in the farming technology department.

JANETTE, woman, 55-65, Any Ethnic Appearance

Mid 50s to mid 60s. Janette runs the local rail yard with confident authority. She’s comfortable in the outdoors, weathered and hard working. She’s shared her struggle with alcohol with main character Leon. She’s now a long sober alcoholic. She and Leon are good friends and have shared an intimate relationship at times in the past. She cares deeply about her mental health and that of others and tries to help others when in need. She’s learned how to protect herself and make her way through a challenging life.

CAITLIN BLEDSOE, woman, 30-40, Any Ethnic Appearance 30s to 40s. Caitlin is young-in-spirit, energetic, lean, confident attorney. She’s a public defender with an interest in the special needs of children, particularly in family disputes. In our story she represents Abigail (5 y/o). Abigail is the granddaughter of our main character, Leon Archer.

JUDAH COHEN, man, 45-60, Any Ethnic Appearance

50s. Judah is of the Jewish faith. He is solidly built with a commanding presence and full dark beard. He’s an authority on the law and is widely sought after by the local community. In our story, he represents the main character, Leon in a petition for custody of his granddaughter Abigail, whose mother Tanya is being sent to prison for a drug violation.

JANE ANDERSON, woman, 20-30, Any Ethnic Appearance

Mid 20s to mid 30s. Jane is a crisp, articulate, energetic attorney. She has a special interest in representing the rights of artists and knows well of the at times, peripatetic artist life style. Her parents are artists. However, wary of the instability that a life as an artist can be, she opted for a more “stable” profession. She knows female lead Roxanne Archer (a sculptor) socially and appreciates her work. Her satisfaction in life is winning for her clients.

JUDGE, man, 65-80, Any Ethnic Appearance

Mid 60s to 80s. Judge is a stern, stoic and bordering on jaded inhabitant of the bench. He’s been doing this job for years and thinks he has seen it all. However, he is fair and does take the time to hear all sides of an argument. He’ll probably retire next year…if he can bring himself to do so.

HAMILTON, man, 18-21, Any Ethnic Appearance

Late teens early 20s. Hamilton is a young man on a mission. The military is everything to him and he enlisted in the Marines’ right out of hight school. 9-11 was a deciding factor. He feels he needs to do his part to combat terror. He’s youthful and exuberant. He has a great deal of respect for his squad leader (Young) Leon Archer, the lead in our story, when they were both in combat together in Afghanistan.

ROSS, man, 18-21, White

Late teens to early 20s. Ross is as humorous as they come. He sees humor in just about everything. In fact, he’s the one guy who you can count on to bring a smile to a face, even under the most horrific circumstances. Joining the Marines was no joke for Ross, but the prospect of adventure was irresistible. Ross has achieved the rank of Marine Corporal and is proud to be serve in Afghanistan even though he had no idea he’d wind up there when he signed up. The Marines is just a step to help in his education, after that, he’s got other plans. Perhaps as a comedian, if he can pull it off.

SANTOS, man, 18-21, Latinx/Hispanic

Late teens to early 20s. Santos is definitely looking for a good time – mostly on weekends and time off. As a young Marine Corporal in main character (Young) Leon’s squad – he’s become known as the utterly dependable one – the guy you’d like to have next to you in any foxhole. He’s proud of his family heritage as well. He can tell you stories about his great grandparents. There’s a lot of love in his family and he carries that with him always.

NORTON, man, 35-50, Any Ethnic Appearance

Late 30s to Mid 40s Norton is a hulking captain of his own ship. Knows pretty much better than anybody else. Entrepreneurial. Currently he’s brewing his own batches of speed in a solo operation in his filthy dilapidated mobile home. There’s a deadly charm about him and somehow, he’s attractive to women and has been able to pull them into his web of illicit activities. Kids are a bit of a drag to Norton, but if the mom is effective for his business, he’ll put up with them. Currently he’s “dating” and occasionally beating, the daughter (Tanya) of our lead character Leon Archer. Leon doesn’t scare him much though as he’s got just a couple of deadly weapons at home just in case. Oh yeah, Tanya has a five-year-old daughter, but it doesn’t matter all that much to Norton.

Dr. SHELAGH WASHINGTON, woman, 35-45, Black

Mid 30s to mid 40s. Dr. Washington is Trans and a completely comfortable and confident person and medical professional. She’s highly intelligent, caring and dedicated to her work with military veterans. She’s on a mission to help those with life threatening mental health disorders, but she’s well rounded enough to enjoy other aspects of her life. Being Trans in 2044 is not that big of a deal, as the culture wars of the early 2020s have died down a bit. In our story she works closely with the brilliant Dr. Victor Cole to treat veterans, some of whom, like our main character Leon, fought in the U.S. War in Afghanistan.

TANYA ARCHER, woman, 28-35, Any Ethnic Appearance

Late 20s to mid 30s. Tanya is toughened by too much of life’s ups and downs. At the moment she has substance abuse issues as her boyfriend Norton happens to be a speed dealer. She is mother to five-year-old Abigail and might even know who the father is, but she can’t be totally sure and hasn’t had a paternity test done. She loves her daughter deeply and is determined to survive and thrive, but gets pulled down by circumstances. Poverty. Despair. Her future is unclear at this time. She is attracted to confident strong men who, unfortunately often turn out to be abusers. She has not yet done the work to figure out why that is.

ROXANNE ARCHER, woman, 50-65, Any Ethnic Appearance

Early 50s to mid 60s. Roxanne is a hardworking and commercially successful sculptor. She has a time worn beauty that shines through, even without makeup. She’s perceptive, ambitious and creative. She’s willing to risk, willing to fail and craves exploration of the human condition which she channels and expresses through her art. Her family (ex-husband Leon, our main male character and daughter Tanya) take a back seat to career unless she can drag them with her. She loves her granddaughter Abigail (5 y/o) and sees no reason why she cannot be allowed to take her along on her far-flung residencies around the world.

CLIFF BAYLOR, man, 55-65, Black

Mid 50s to mid 60s. Cliff Baylor looks older than his years, he has scars raked over his head from military injuries sustained in his early 20’s. Cliff is damaged and in need of care, but carries a hopeful heart. Retains an air of secrecy about his true origins but he comes off as exceedingly human. He seeks out his old war buddy, our main character Leon, on his farm in Illinois, having recently released himself from a military rehab facility.

YOUNG CLIFF, man, 18-21, Black

Late teens to early 20s. Cliff Baylor in his youth. Cliff is a solid, attractive, steady and smart. U.S. Marine Corporal. He’s become close friends with our main character (Young) Leon. They have total confidence in one another and Cliff is very sensitive to anything that might be bothering Leon. He naturally tries to help out his friend. The two of them would do anything for each other in battle.

YOUNG LEON, man, 18-21, White

Late teens to early 20s. Leon Archer signed up for the Marines right after 9-11. Seemed like the right thing to do considering his families military history. Leon is energetic, confident and a natural leader. He’s a U.S. Marine Sergeant who serves in Afghanistan. However, there’s still something gnawing at his psyche, deep in the background. As a child he harbored artistic aspirations which were literally crushed by his father; Leon Sr. who saw this type of interest as unmanly and irresponsible. Leon thinks he’s put that all behind himself, but really, he hasn’t.