Words of Praise

RMK Films contributed to the wealth of donated entertainment during this time of crisis. Rose is a Rose is a Rose screened from May 12 – May 17th, 2020 for free on YouTube. Here are some words of praise from the over 500 views during the free run.

This was exactly what I needed. It was great to finally see this and relive the memories of the shoot. It came together amazingly! Great work everyone! I have been considering building another catapult.
-William Berkowitz Jr.

Quirky & fun…and I liked the touching ending with the coffee froth blessing smile & wink… gave me a warm fuzzy smile… 🙂
-Sal Nocitra

It was so great to finally see this! It gave me lots of much needed laughs both the first time and on rewatch.
-Avery Edits

Great short and very funny. Great job by actors and crew to make this short feel real and genuine. Also, Patricia Tallman is the best and a fav actress of mine. So underrated so it’s great to see her in this:)
-Mr. CoCoNuts

This is wonderful. Funny, charming, sad, and sweet… it has all the feels.
-Sigyn X120

Thank you, that was wonderful and a joyful funny watch. Splendid casting and a terrific script. A special thanks to Patricia Tallman for the link.
-Michael Poland

What a lovely piece of filmmaking! Great work from all involved. Bravo, Dan Hagen! A moving, understated performance. A sweet story, wonderfully told. Thanks for this!!
-Paul Eiding

Whew! Magic!
-Mel Poux